Some Spa 2008 Stuff

Chris Clarke has made a post here exploring the ideas that Ivan Moore and I presented at our Spa 2008 workshop Programming as if the Domain Mattered. Ivan has written up some of his learnings from the session here. I'll be doing the same myself soon. 
Chris makes this most excellent point:
I wish people would be a bit braver and use the code to express what they are trying to do and not worry about whether the way they are doing it is against Common Practice. Remember, the majority of software projects are still failures, so why follow Common Practice - it isn’t working!

In other news, my experience report on the effects of introducing checked examples (aka automated acceptance/functional/user/whatever "tests")  gets this thorough write up from "Me" (who are you, Me?) and also a mention in this one from Pascal Van Cauwenberghe.

Thanks, folks.

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