Design Patterns of 1994

So, Mark Dominus' Design Patterns of 1972 has made it back to the front page of proggit.

He offers a pattern-styled write up of the idea of a "subroutine" and opines that:
Had the "Design Patterns" movement been popular in 1960, its goal would have been to train programmers to recognize situations in which the "subroutine" pattern was applicable, and to implement it habitually when necessary
which would have been disastrous. Also:
If the Design Patterns movement had been popular in the 1980's, we wouldn't even have C++ or Java; we would still be implementing Object-Oriented Classes in C with structs
Actually, I think not. Because we did have patterns in the 1990's and, guess what, programming language development did not cease. Not even in C++.

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