Simple pleasures vs the singularity

It's a shame that the title of this reddit post, through sloppy use of an implied universal quantification, allows for a cheap refutation. And a shame, too, that the chap in the original article asked his question of Kurzweil in such a way as to admit an answer focussing on the instrumentive.

I have to tell you, a lot of talk about the Singularity gives me the creeps. Most folks who talk about it at all do so in a mode suggesting that it is 1) inevitable and 2) desirable. I don't find this encouraging. But then, I'm not really a technologist's technologist, even though I make my living in IT, so a lot of more-technology-is-better-until-that's-all-there-is talk leaves me cold. And I think back to when I lived on a particularly lovely part of the south coast of England, and to weekends spend pottering about the New Forest (which, for the neophiles amongst you, was "new" in 1079 CE), walking hand-in-handwith my girlfriend, helping her two kids explore the interesting things to be found in woodland ponds, throwing balls for the dog, and so forth. What is the Singularity going to offer that's better than that? The Far Edge Party and it's ilk? I don't think so.