So, Self continues to be developed and has a very nice new site, here. Self is like Smalltalk "only more so". 

These days Self runs like a dream (and blindingly fast) on the Mac. Back in the day Self would only run on Sparc hardware, so I bought a Sun workstation for the express purpose of being able to play with Self. A wise investment. If a point of view is worth 80 IQ points then learning Self is a much better bet than all that brain training and smart drinks. 

I you want to understand to powerful (and fun and (partly, therefore) enticing) a system can be if you trust your users to manipulate objects directly, take a look at Self. If you want to understand just how far the notion of Integrating and Development Environment can be pushed (and how much fun that turns out to be) take a look at Self. If you want to understand why some folks consider Javascript to be such a huge missed opportunity, take a look at Self.

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Steve Freeman said...

Some jobs ago I got access to a Sparc machine after a long absence. I downloaded Self and started playing with it. It ran like the wind compared to the slow grind that is Java.