Interview form Agile 2008

At Agile 2008 I was interviewed by Amr Elssamadisy for InfoQ, and the video is now up. 


David Peterson said...

​Excellent interview. I thought you made your points very well and I pretty much agree with everything you said.

You might be coming down a little hard on prescriptive methods and their authors, though. Beginners need clear and detailed instructions. I guess what you're saying is, once you've tried a recipe for a bit, if the cakes keep coming out burnt, you shouldn't be afraid to turn down the oven. And maybe some of the agile recipe books don't instill enough of that kind of confidence.

Paul said...

Great interview Keith. It ties in with similar thoughts of my own.

Yet another reminder that common sense isn't that common :)


S.Vaidya said...

Please email me, I would like to discuss your articles. - SV

keithb said...

Hi SV.

Er, google knows about several S Vaidya's. If you could tell me which one you are I'd happily get in touch.