Registration open for XP Day London 'O8

Registration for XPDay is now open. XPDay sells out each year, so please book now. We operate a waiting list once the conference is full but only a handful of places subsequently become available.

The full cost of the conference is £350 but the first 50 people to book get a special “Early Bird” price of £275.

The few programmed sessions are set, and we encourage registered attendees to think about the topics they'd like to see discussed in the Open Space sessions. Attendees have the option to prepare a 5 minute "lightening talk" to promote their preferred topics, and these will go into the Open Space topic selection..

I look forward to seeing you there.


Matt Wynne said...

I'm looking forward to being there.

Do you think it would be useful to have a space people who are coming can talk in advance about the general themes of sessions they'd like to have at the open-space?

I felt like the process for organizing the sessions at CICON (which was my first open space) was a little bit hasty and the conference as a whole suffered for that somewhat.

It would be great if we had at least a mailling list (like there was for CITCON) where we can get a bit of a buzz going. What do you think?

Or is there already such a forum and I just doing know about it? :)

keithb said...

Hi Matt.

Yes, I do. I did too. I agree. Yes. In fact, no-one outside the committee knows about it at this time.

But... tomorrow (Saturday 15 Nov) you will. Watch this space.

Matt Wynne said...


I'm sure you already have some good ideas for a mechanism for this communication to happen, but I thought I'd mention one that popped in my head today as way to collect people's ideas: Google moderator. WDYT? Seems like it might make quite a neat mechanism for capturing the popularity of various topics.