XP Day London Call

I'm pleased to announce that the call for submissions to XpDay London 2008 is now open. 

Get your thinking caps on, and in due course an electronic submission system will be announced.


Nat Pryce said...

If most of the conference is open-space, what should be submitted? I find it hard to understand from the site what the programme committee are looking for.

keithb said...

Hi Nat.

What we are looking for is good sessions by interesting folks who have or are moving the state of the art forward. (Hint: you probably qualify). No submission is absolutely required, one may come along on the day and give a lightning talk and bid for a chunk of the open space.

However, sessions that require a lot of mechanics and set up don't lend themselves quite so well to that, so we invite submissions for tutorials-using-computers and such like.

We also invite submissions for experience reports.

Pretty much anything will go, except that what we don't want is "Yet Another One Hour Introduction to Scrum (please buy my training course)," nor "Yet Another Bunch of Talking Heads Droning on for 45 Minutes."

Now that the Agile 2008 programme is pretty much put to bed I can turn my attention to XpDay in ernest. Expect an announcement about the mechanics some time next week.