XpDay 2008

XpDay London will be on 11 and 12 of December, at Church House in the City of Westminster. The call for submissions will come soon. 

We're aiming for something a little different this year. The conference committee (in as far as it has one) has decided that if we belong to a community that really does value individuals and their interactions more than processes and tools, and responding of change more than following a plan, then our conference should work in a way consonant with that. I'm Programme Co-chair, so a lot of the mechanics of how that will work in practice fall to me to figure out–and this is almost done. I'll keep you posted.


Ade said...

Hi Keith,
I hope that the next XPDay:
- will take advantage of the feedback provided here: http://advogato.org/person/ade/diary/14.html
- will learn from the various communities that are also putting on conferences (Barcamp, the Rails/Ruby people, GTAC, etc)
- will have lightning talks
- will take advantage of a variety of new technologies to not only engage with the people who are there but the people who couldn't make it.


keithb said...

We have certainly considered a lot of ideas from many sources. I think that you'll be quite pleased with the call when it comes (soon , I promise)