TDD at QCon

Just finished a presentation of the current state of my TDD metrics thinking at QCon. The slides [pdf] are up on the conference site, video should be there soon, too.


Jim Bullock said...

That's some good work.

Have you or anyone else that you know of correlated this with other static inspection tools that attempt to assess "quality" in some form? I'm thinking of FindBugs, for example.

There was also a group in Europe - Spain? - doing similar analysis of methods vs. "quality" measures using open source projects as the population.

Of course the math-wag says that any data set looks like a straight line on a log-log graph.

keithb said...

Hi Jim,
No, i haven't correlated this against any of the other "quality" metrics. There's a little bit more work to do to nail down the validity and meaning of this stuff before I get into those sorts of comparisons.

The math wag would be right that it's very easy to fool yourself into seeing power–law distributions where they don't exist. And some of these programs are a less good fit to the power–law. I've started to play around with pulling the data into R and fitting Mandelbrot distributions onto them. Nothing conclusive yet.

You might be thinking of the group in Cagliari, I do need to compare notes with them.