Curiously Apt

A friend is embarking upon a conversion MSc into the wonderful world of software development. He's become interested in the currently en vogue paradigms of programming, their relationships and future. It seems to him (he says) that OO is very much about standing around a whiteboard with your friends, sipping a tall skinny latte while your pizza goes cold. And by contrast  functional programming is like sitting alone, crying into your gin with your head held in your hands over some very, very, hard maths. 

Perceptive. He'll go far. And not just because he's already had this other successful career dealing with actual customers (which should be a stronger prerequisite for becoming a commercial developer than any of that comp sci stuff).

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Tor Hershman said...

Nothing is in the intellect that was not first in the senses and nothing would be in human senses if'in not for our Father who art pond scum, hallowed it be Thy farting of oxygen.

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